“Where do we even begin to put into words how grateful we are for Geneva and Todor?  They have blessed our lives tremendously since our son began at Riverbend Preschool.  In their care our son has grown and blossomed so much.  He is smart, curious and has worked through challenges that allowed him to adapt to kindergarten.  He is in the top of his class and loves school because of the warm, loving environment he received at Riverbend Preschool.  They gave us the gift of piece of mind knowing that each day he was in their hands and, most importantly, our son's heart is so full of love for them. They are like family to us and we love them so much!  Our son always asks when he can go back to preschool and we take him back to visit several times each year."  T.T

"We were on the wait list for RIverbend Preschool for 1 year and it was the best decision we could have made for our daughter.  She loves school what she has learned has far exceeded our expectations.  In addition to Basque, Spanish and basic early literacy and math skills she has developed an incredible love of nature, an ability to self-soothe and incredible compassion for her classmates and siblings.  Riverbend Preschool  is truly the best kept secret in Boise."  M.J. 

"Our children have had the pleasure of attending Riverbend Preschool and being in the loving care of Todor and Geneva for 3 years.   Their small class size provides our children the one-on-one attention that is so critical at this age and they thrive in that setting. We will be eternally grateful for the education and incredible love that those two have given our sons."  J.A. 

"Our experience with Geneva Ayarra, began in 2003 at the Boiseko Ikastola preschool and continues today. Geneva was the Director and Teacher at the time. We found her to be very trusting, responsible, compassionate, patient, loving and understanding with our daughter, the other students, the faculty, the Boiseko school board, and all parents. Geneva demonstrated and executed a well thought out preschool curriculum including; multiple language lessons, social skills awareness and development, intro to reading, writing, alphabet, basic math skills and outdoor physical education. While in the outdoors, Geneva introduced seasonal changes including days of the week, months of the year, weather and cultural celebrations. Our daughter Anastasie was well prepared for kindergarten and has been top of her class since. Anastasie has continued to communicate with Geneva and speaks fondly of her always.”
Brad and Louise Echeverria

"Our family first met and had the pleasure of working with Geneva Ayarra when our daughter began attending preschool at Boiseko Ikastola in 2003. Geneva was our daughter’s teacher. Since Basque isn’t spoken much in our home, we were amazed at how quickly our daughter was able to understand Basque and eventually use words and phrases. The following year Geneva was not only a teacher, but the director of the Ikastola. Our younger son couldn’t wait until he was big enough to go to “Geneva’s house” as he called it! Our family has traveled to the Basque Country twice, each time after one of our kids had finished attending the preschool. Our children were able to communicate with their Basque aunts, uncles, and cousins without any hesitation! It was truly incredible! The physical building, playground, and classrooms were always neat, tidy, and decorated with children’s work. We enjoyed the newsletter that kept us well informed of all the activities. As parents we were even given a vocabulary list so that we could learn and use at home the same words and phrases our children were learning at school. Geneva was always available to discuss concerns and accomplishments, even outside of the scheduled conferences. When it came time for our children to move on to kindergarten, they were academically, physically, and socially prepared and able to succeed. Our whole family has very fond memories of our years at the Ikastola, and Geneva is an integral part of those great memories. My kids run up to her and give her hugs whenever we see her around town! We believe that any child would be blessed to have Geneva as their teacher. We are sure that many families at Riverbend Preschool will grow to love her as much as we do!"
Kristen and Santiago Guerricabeitia

"Geneva was my daughter’s preschool teacher from 2002-2004 and in 2005 in an after school program. She was a true gift to our family! She provided a gentle, loving and compassionate experience in a structured and organized environment. We were well-informed on a day-to-day basis and were always welcomed by her warmth, enthusiasm and true dedication to children. Geneva is exceptionally talented in engaging children in quality learning activities, developing and strengthening self-confidence, multi-cultural languages and experiences, and a sense of family and community. We feel lucky to have found Geneva to provide such a special preschool experience!"

"When I was looking for a pre-school for my 2-year old daughter, I was looking for a safe, loving and structured environment where she would be happy and at the same time learning. When I found the school Geneva was running, I knew immediately it was where she belonged. Geneva has the rare combination of happiness, love, organization skills and teaching ability that we all search for when trying to find a place for children to spend their time."